News- Intelligent Structural Health Management

The center is leading an NSF-funded five-year program to establish a global partnership of universities, laboratories, and companies to engage in cutting-edge research and education in the area of Intelligent Structural Health Management of safety-critical aerospace, civil & mechanical structures. A website has been developed for this project and can be accessed at:

About the Center

The Center for Quality Engineering & Failure Prevention has been at the forefront of research relevant to structural integrity and durability assessment for the past two decades. The Center research activities are at the interface of engineering and science drawing upon materials science, structural mechanics, sensor technology, computational science, and reliability analyses that are all relevant to structural safety. The Center laboratories house several ultrasonic inspection systems, acoustic microscopes, laser ultrasonic systems, and fiber-optic systems. Past and current research sponsors include the NSF, AFOSR, ONR, Federal Aviation Administration, NASA, Caterpillar and GE. The Center funding activities have exceeded $1M per year for the past fifteen years, and Center faculty have advised numerous PhD students who have gone on to take up positions in industry and academia. Prof. Jan D. Achenbach, the founding Director of the Center, was awarded the 2003 National Medal of Technology for his pioneering contribution to safety of aging aircraft.